RapaNui Sprache - Übersetzung Buchstabe R ab re

RapaNui Sprache - Übersetzung Buchstabe R ab re

RapaNui Sprache - Übersetzung Buchstabe R ab re


  • re'e, not properly cooked, half-cooked; i-re'e-nó te uhi, the yams are only half-cooked.
  • re'ere'e, blue with cold; re'ere'e-á te gutu, te ariga o te poki, the child's face and lips are blue with cold.
  • rega, ancient word, apparently meaning "pretty, beautiful." It seems to have been used also to mean "girl" judging from the nicknames given young women: rega hopu-hopu. girl fond of bathing; rega maruaki, hungry girl; rega úraúra, crimson-faced girl.
  • regorego, smooth, hairless; ma'ea regorego, smooth stone.
  • rehe, to fade away, to lose strength, to weaken; used of illnesses, winds, waves, etc.; viento, de las olas, etc.: ku-rehe-á te mamae, the illness is weakening, i.e. he is getting better; ku-rehe-á te tokerau, te vave, the wind, the waves have calmed down.
  • reherehe, weak; slim; flexible, fickle; ku-reherehe-á te hakari, the body is weak.
  • rehu,
    1. to forget; ku-rehu-á koe i a au, kai hakarere i toou o te hagu mo au, you forgot me, you didn't leave anything for me to eat.
    2. to be left behind, forgotten; ku-rehu á taaku hoe i Anakena, I left my knife in Anakena.
    3. to lose consciousness for a short while; also: rerehu.
  • rei,
    1. to tread, to trample on: rei kiraro ki te va'e.
    2. (used figuratively) away with you! ka-rei kiraro koe, e mageo ê, go away, you disgusting man.
    3. to shed tears: he rei i te mata vai.
    4. crescent-shaped breast ornament, necklace; reimiro, wooden, crescent-shaped breast ornament; rei matapuku, necklace made of coral or of mother-of-pearl; rei pipipipi, necklace made of shells; rei pureva, necklace made of stones.
    5. clavicle.
  • reipá, mother-of-pearl.
  • reka, pleasant. nice, pretty; used in exclamations: a-reka ké, ka-reka, how nice! also meant ironically.
  • reke,
    1. heel, heel-bone.
    2. the fowls' toe pointing backwards; fowl owners used to mark their birds' toes with their teeth. Since the words moa and uha were also used for "son" and "daughter" the expression reke managi was also used to designate a girl betrothed to someone else's son. Just like a man put his mark on a bird (reke nanagi) he kept custody of the girl entrusted him as future daughter-in-law, he took her home, and looked after her until the wedding: he-oho te atua hiko rega, he-nanagi i te reke o te poki o te tahi tagata, the matchmaker who asks for a girl's hand goes and "marks" the child for the other man.
    3. heel of matá (obsidian), the part which was tied to a shaft or was inserted into the extremity of a shaft to be used as a spear: he reke te kona o te matá mo haha'u ki te kohou.
  • rekareka, tickles, ticklish.
  • rekoreko,
    1. the softer, juicier part of the sugarcane; puku rekoreko is the juicy part between two knots (puku).
    2. straight, directly, as used in the expression ka-oho rekoreko-nó koe, go straight home (without a detour, without taking anything on the way).
  • rekureku, see rakuraku.
  • remereme, to tremble, to vibrate, referring to the air when heated by the sun, but used with the sun as subject: e-remereme-á te raá.
  • remoremo, a large fish, with tasty flesh.
  • re'o, reo,
    1. voice; re'o maeha, clear voice; tagata re'o tavake, person with a good, clear voice; tagata re'o ú-ú, person who speaks like a baby, mispronouncing the words; re'o pohahá, hoarse, low voice.
    2. tune, melody; the different voices of a melody: re'o a ruga, soprano; re'o vaega, contralto, re'o vaega o raro, baritone, re'o a raro, bass.
    3. hakahaere te reo, to stretch, to vary, to modulate certain parts in a song.
    4. hakahoki te re'o, to talk to someone again, to reconcile oneself with someone.
  • reoreo, to speak a lot, without cause or reason; to lie; to slander; calumny, slander; ina ekó vânaga reoreo, do not tell lies; ku-reoreo-mai-á i a matou o te kahu, he slandered us about the clothes (as if we had stolen them).
  • repa, youngster; also used instead of repahoa.
  • repahoa, friend.
  • reperepe,
    1. to hang down, to dangle; gutu reperepe, drooping lips. I te nohoga tûai era-á he reperepe te epe roaroa o te hanau eepe ka topa-ró ki te kapuhivi, in ancient times the earlobes of the hanau eepe hung down to their shoulders.
    2. marine mollusc, probably a cuttlefish.
    3. labia majora.
  • repo,
    1. a creeper,
    2. coitus, copulation.
  • rere, to jump; to run; to fly.
  • rerepe, cock's comb.
  • rere-taúra, to carry a child astride on one's shoulder: ku rere-taúra-á i te poki e te matu'a ki te gao, the mother carries her child astride her neck.
  • rerorero,
    1. to write, to draw; rerorero i te igoa, to sign.
    2. to rape.
  • reru, tonsils.
  • retoreto, bright red, flaming red (herohero); ku retoreto-á te haoa, the wound is flaming red.
  • retu, tattoo made on the forehead.
  • reva, to hang down; flag, banner.
  • revareva,
    1. to be hanging vertically; to detach oneself from the background of the landscape, such a person standing on top of a hill: ku-revareva-á te tagata i ruga i te maúga.
    2. to cast itself, to project itself (of shadows); revareva-á te kohu o te miro i te maeha o te mahina, the shadow of the tree casts itself in the light of the moon.
    3. uvula.

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